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What is Oncord?

Oncord is software that brings together all the tools needed to be successful online.

Website. Customers. Marketing. E-commerce.

Maintain a modern website, run successful e-mail newsletters, take events rsvp, allow your customers to make online purchases, and grow a valuable contact database. All through one secure, integrated platform.

Added features for use with Alliance Française

Manage everything from enrollments, to placement tests, courses, memberships, books, timetables, your library, and much more.

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News and Ressources

Since our Apolearn integration release, we've made a bunch of improvements and developed new features for both the Apolearn integration and the AF Module. Some of these updates you may have already seen or using.

We have completed our first version of integration with Apolearn.

We understand that due to the current situation brought up by COVID-19, most classes are now going online and more AFs using Apolearn requires course changes from Oncord to be pushed to their courses in Apolearn.

With this integration, the following course changes will be pushed once an Oncord course is associated to an Apolearn classroom.

  • Course Code
  • Course start date and end date
  • Course objectives
  • Course type
  • Course level (Only 1 level can be pushed, this is a limitation of the Apolearn API)
  • Course Enrollments
  • Course Admin Teachers and Assigned Teachers

Additionally, any new course created in Oncord will automatically be created on Apolearn and any existing course in Oncord can be associated to any existing Apolearn classroom.

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