AF Student Portal 

The aim for this portal is to provide students a place where they can have access to their profile, courses they are enrolled,  their own timetable and many more.

This also provides a place where they can interact with their teachers and classmates through a course feed. This course feed, is a central place for news and updates specific to the course which they can like and comment.

Additionally, they can also book a collective course through the portal and have access to their invoices.

Enable the Student Portal

Login to your website dashboard, and navigate to Courses >  Configuration  > Collective Courses then the Student Portal 

To enable the Student Portal it must satisfy the data you provide in the Enabled To and Course Feed Availability options.

Once enabled, admins and teachers will see a Course Feed, Documents and Assignments Tab when editing a course.

Student Portal Login Page

The link to access the Student Portal login page is

Invoices Page and Certificate Printing Access

In the Courses >  Configuration  > Collective CoursesStudent Portal. You have the option to allow students to see 

Auto-Delete Files

The Student Portal includes an auto-deletion feature for the purpose of freeing up storage for classes that's already finished. This feature deletes all course documents and attachments for posts, assignments and assignment submissions. This happens after the number of days specified in  'days after course end date' field under the Student Portal Tab Configuration.