AF Module Updates | September

Since our Apolearn integration release, we've made a bunch of improvements and developed new features for both the Apolearn integration and the AF Module. Some of these updates you may have already seen or using.


• Apolearn Button in Teachers View
- The apolearn button that offers the functions to associate, create or unlink user has been added to the teachers view on the admin page.

• Additional Options
In the configuration page of the integration, the following has been added:

 - Added the option to extend the classroom end date for Apolearn classrooms so students can have more time to access it even though the course has already ended.
 - Added the ability to auto create classroom always, by condition or never. This gives the flexibility to sync courses always, or when it meets a criteria or not at all.
- Ability to change the current connection.

We've also fixed the following issues:
1. Operations such as saving courses and new enrollments that are not synced to Apolearn when the integration is currently in sync mode.
2. Associating bug for the apolearn button on teachers view.
3. Units and teachers that are not synced when new courses are created.


The timetable has been upgraded from an older version to the latest and with that update comes the following changes:

• Improved Filtering
- Ability to filter the timetable with multiple values from multiple filters such as age groups, levels, types etc. is now possible.

• 2 New Viewing Options
- There are 2 new viewing options that's been added, the Rooms - Day and Rooms - Week which lets you view the rooms of the given day and the rooms of the given week.

• Timetable Configuration Page
 - This new page has been added with only 1 option for now. The only option allows all teachers in the teachers portal to view all events and not just theirs.

Placement Tests

• Offline Support
- Added the ability to set a placement test set to offline.

- Removed a duplicate correct answer for the prebuilt test a1-2.


 • Feature to Delete Empty Schedules
- On the Units tab of a course, when an empty schedule exists you will now see a button to delete the schedule. This is useful, because these empty schedules may create confusion on the schedule display of the course in the course selector.

 • Coupon Code Support for Private Courses
- Added support for coupon code on the private courses order page.

• Upcoming Course Automation
- We've added a new automation trigger that lets you create a workflow for upcoming courses. This feature is currently in beta.

We've also fixed the following issues that relates to courses:
1. Cloning that wasn't working.
2. Not functioning admin course selector sorting.
3. Incorrect Permission for assigned teachers.

Registration Fees

 • No Duration Registration Fees
- The registration fee products default to a duration of 1-year. Setting the registration fee product's duration to 'none' makes the registration fee valid only for that course purchase.

- Added the ability to order a membership or a registration fee on the course order page.


• Membership History
- Added a new button to the contact's page, inside the membership box to show the contact's membership history.

- Improved the data structure of the data exported from the Export Data function.

We've also fixed an incorrect membership display when there isn't a membership for a contact.

Teacher Portal

• View Student's Enrollment History
- Teachers can now view the student's enrollment history. This can be accessed under Class List and clicking the three dots '...' next to the student's name, a new 'View Enrollment History' should now be available.

Admin Teachers

• Bulk Mark Time Worked
- Added the ability to bulk mark teachers as paid or unpaid given a specific date range.

We've also fixed an issue where teacher's courses were not displaying their title.

Other Changes
1. Fixed private courses merge issue
2. Document import fixes

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