Changes To Private Courses

Over the past month, we've been re-engineering the Private Courses module.

Private Courses Menu
Private courses now reside in its own separate menu on the left-hand side.

Private Course Codes

Private courses no longer have a fixed course code of PRIV-LASTNAME
Instead, the course code is a generated list of student names.   You can also now edit the course code manually.

Keeping a Running Balance
Previously, every time a Package was purchased, Oncord would create a new "Hour Pool", that needed to have units  explicitly allocated to.  It was a very rigid system.  

We understand that in the real world, the usage of hours does not always perfectly balance.  Students cancel, want their hours transferred to siblings, renew early or late, and purchased hours expire when not used.

In the new update, we're removing the explicit allocation of Hours Purchased to the units that consume them. Instead, we're keeping a 'running balance' of hours used, against hours consumed.

Adjust Hours
Further, we are adding the ability to "Adjust Hours".  If you wish to reduce or add to the "Hour Balance", you can add a manual adjustment which will affect the balance of hours.  For instance, you could expire hours, or credit extra hours.

Private Course Order Form
We've added the ability to select the private course that the package will be allocated to.
You can now search for students, rather than having to select related contacts.
Options are prefilled where possible.

Other Changes

1. Ability to add/remove student from classlist without requiring a sale

1. New private course on admin and teacher portal with the old filters but added the ability to show await scheduling and require renewal private courses.
2. Added the ability to bulk mark teacher as absent, present, paid or unpaid
3. Added the ability to add/remove student from class list without requiring a sale
4. Display the latest hour purchased details
5. Preferred schedule auto populates when creating a new schedule or unit

1. New toolbars that contain actions specific for a certain tab

This update should be rolled out within the next 24 hours.

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