New Feature - Course Conditions

The first milestone of the course conditions feature is now live. The course conditions feature is a set of filters allowing selection of courses by age group, levels, types or sessions.

This feature should replace the hierarchy of groups and product categories which are associated to courses, and allow for easier selection of courses in discounts, e-mail marketing and other places.

This first deployment gives access to the new feature, the second part will be deployed after the 1st August.

Additional Conditions

Several other conditions have been added.

Placement Tests

You may now select contacts who have submitted a placement test. This is useful  in combination with an enrollment condition.

Example: set a condition selecting all contacts who have taken a test and have been placed, but have not enrolled in a course for any session of the current year yet.


Allows selection of all contacts who currently benefit from a membership. It might be someone who has bought a membership, or someone who benefits from it via a relationship (family, etc.).

Registration Fees

Similarly to the membership condition, you may now select contacts with a valid registration fee. Registration fees never extend to other contacts.


Discounts - Applies To

The Products -> Specific Courses option will allow you to select courses for which the discount is meant to be applied to.

Discounts - Restrictions

The Contact Filter -> Enrollments -> Enrolled in a course option will display the same filter, but this time will allow you to select contacts which are enrolled in a course. It makes re-enrollment discounts very easy to implement.

If the selection of a few very specific courses is required, it is better to use filters applying to products directly and select the courses via their course codes.

For private course packages, it is also simpler to just select the product category Courses -> Packages.

We previously had to setup a 'custom algorithm' to select contacts that had a valid membership or valid registration fee. To resolve this, valid membership and registration fee conditions have been implemented and are also available in the 'Restrictions' tab, 'Contact Filter' field.

E-mail Marketing

All of these new conditions are also now available for use with the e-mail marketing module, when selecting recipients.

Clean Discounts Before 1st August

Please note that the second milestone of this update will effectively remove hierarchies of product categories and groups related to courses.

You will need to update any discounts that are currently using course-related product categories or groups, so that they use the new conditions instead.

As an example, if you have a discount that is targeting products ('Applies To'), this will need to be changed to use the new conditions. 

Similarly, if you have discounts targeting groups ('Restrictions' tab, 'Contact Filter' field), they will also need to be updated before the 1st of August, or they may stop working.

Now is also a good time to clean-up and remove any discounts that are not relevant anymore.

Coming Next

Koha libraries import

In the coming weeks, I will be working on the transfer of libraries for the AF based in Australia from their Koha server to Oncord.

Course conditions part 2

The next topic will be the second part of the course conditions. When deployed, this update will effectively eliminate the course related hierarchies (product categories and groups).

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