All the features you need in one place.

Web Editing & Content Management

Your website is the first experience most new customers will have with your Alliance Française centre. Oncord gives you simple, user-friendly web editing tools to help you keep your website up to date and publish new content.

Edit the look and feel of your site

Manage your SEO settings

Take control of your website

Make announcements and posts


We know that Alliance Française takes pride in its vibrant and passionate community. We also know that a great membership experience is the key to a growing community.

Create various types of memberships

Track memberships statistics

Send automatic renewal emails

Offer discounts and benefits

Customer Database

With everything in one place, you can achieve full visibility over the customer experience. Contact cards allow you to view detailed information about a customers journey and every interaction they have had with your centre along the way.

Achieve a 360° customer view

Store unlimited contacts in groups

Understand the customer journey

Use data to target campaigns


Your entire event can be handled within the Oncord system. From planning to execution, you'll only need one piece of software to make your event a success.

Specify details and prerequisites

Manage registration through your site

Promote across marketing channels

Track attendance and send reminders


By running your library from the same platform as your contacts and memberships you can make sure borrowing runs smoothly without any data entry required.

Administer library access

Track item status

Manage an online catalogue

Remove data entry from the process

Courses & Enrolments

The heart of every Alliance Française centre. Oncord has developed a bespoke courses and enrolments system to handle all your needs.

Sell online and private courses

Track analytics and enrolments

Allow teachers to manage courses

Add required and optional materials


Allocate your teachers to courses. Schedule and view worker hours. The Teacher Portal gives your teachers full autonomy on updating and managing their availabilities, classes and timetables.

Allocate your teachers to courses

Generate reports of worked/paid hours

Give teachers autonomy & flexibility

Let teachers record absences & marks

Email Marketing & Social

Build and launch email campaigns with a suite of creative tools. Then monitor their performance with detailed email analytics. Share content on social media, and schedule posts.

Create beautiful email campaigns

Target contacts based on conditions

Share content on social media

Automate routine workflows

Placement Tests

Oncord has worked with Alliance Française Sydney to create a comprehensive placement test that ensures the students can always find the course they need.

Automatic placement for students

Establish students CEFR Levels

Receive e-mails for each submission

Save student and teacher admin time

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