Certificate Feature Updates

This past few months we've rebuilt the AF certificates system, with this update we focused on the accessibility of the certificates feature and providing the user with essential features to simplify and streamline the process of creating, editing, printing and sending certificates to students.

The new system is a big improvement from the old system where you could only edit the certificates with text and nothing more. The new system provides the ability to create your own certificate templates using built-in template designs, associate certificates to age groups, create default email subject and message to be used when sending, printing certificates and many more which will be covered in this email.

Certificate Template Configuration Page

To get started using the new system, a new certificate templates configuration page has been added under Courses > Configuration > Certificate Templates. This page allows you to create and edit certificate templates based on built-in template designs. These templates can be associated to levels and age groups which will then be made available to courses and can be accessed through a Certificates button in Courses > Class List.

Compared to the old system where a limited number of information is presented on the certificates, now you can select a variety of essential course and enrollment details to be displayed.

Below are certificate templates that can be used for Kids and Teens:

Kids and Teens Template Design

Printing or Sending Certificate Button

We've completely separated the certificates on its own dialog for accessibility and to provide more information regarding it. This is entirely different from the old system where every certificate available for the course is displayed as an attachment option on the email dialog and which doesn't say much about the certificate.

A new Certificates button is added under Courses > Class List which offers the ability to print or send different certificate templates to passing students. This button is also  available in the teacher's portal.

Unit Lessons and Homework

Lessons and Homework for units can now be added through a new dialog which can be accessed in Courses > Units. These two new fields will also appear when creating or editing a unit.

Enrollment Evaluation Data

New fields are added for enrollments which can then be made available to be shown on the certificates.

These new fields are:
Enrollment Final Mark, Enrollment Global Evaluation and Teacher Comments.

Enrollment Configuration Page

This new page gives you the option to select which enrollment global evaluation are to be made available when editing an enrollment.
You can also define here pre-filled teacher comments to be made available on the edit enrollment dialog.

Contacts Enrollment History

A contact's enrollment history can get buried deep on their activity feed when they have numerous activities in their account making it difficult to find a specific enrollment to a course. To solve this, we added a new Enrollments History accessible on the contact's profile page which shows the current and previous enrollments for the contact. When opening the enrollment history, a button for printing or sending a certificate for the contact is also available.

Other Development

Enrollment's Teacher Filter This new filter is added in enrollment's statistics and for condition filter Enrollments - Enrolled in a course and Enrollments - Absent in a course

Other fixes:
1. Course table session and level filters update based on the age group filter.
2. Fix display for teachers on course selector schedules.
3. AF Schedules - Ability to edit location type for schedules with external location type Hour display fixes on teacher portal.
4. Private course's package membership checkbox not saving.
5. Fixed cloning issues for collective courses.
6. Fixed issue where the image is not deleted when removed on courses configuration.

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