New Features & Updates

We're excited to share some recent changes to the Oncord AF module:

Teacher Worked Hour Types
Placement Tests - Take as someone else
Course Materials - Product Ordering Options
New AF Help Article - Using the Student Portal (from students' perspective)
UK Infrastructure
Other Notable Updates
Funding Request - Exam Module and GAEL Integration
Oncord at the AF USA Convention 2023
What's Next and Oncord Core Updates

Teacher Worked Hour Types

We have developed a new feature that allows you to create multiple worked hour types for teachers. This allows you to set different hourly rates for each hour type and track how many hours of each type a teacher has worked for easier management of teachers worked hours. This may be for different types of courses, such as, group, private, workshop, summer camp or corporate or different days of the week, such as, weekday and weekend hourly rates.
Within a teachers record of worked hours you can easily view how many hours of each type the teacher has worked for managing and paying teachers accordingly.


Placement Test - Take as someone else

Within placement tests users can now take the test as someone else. This allows children who do not have their own login on the website to use their parents login to complete the placement tests while logged in as the parent.

Note: Only available for contacts that have a relationship set and that do not have their own login/password set.


Course Materials - Product Ordering Options

You can now add product ordering options to course material products that display in the course selector when a student is ordering a course.

New AF Help Article: Using the Student Portal (from students' perspective)

The Student Portal is a central place where students can easily manage different aspects of their learning including interacting with teachers and classmates, submitting assignments, updating profile, etc.

We have put together a help article on how to use the student portal from a student's perspective to help students navigate and get used to using the new student portal.


New UK Infrastructure

We're excited to announce the addition of a new hosting cluster, situated in a cutting-edge data center in Coventry, United Kingdom. The new UK cluster marks a significant milestone, and will deliver performance improvements and reduced load times for Oncord clients located in and around the United Kingdom.
You can read more about this on our Oncord updates via the link below. 


Other Notable Updates

  • Apolearn Fixes
  • Student Portal menu logo options (can be generic or af logo)
  • Membership Information Widget on Student Portal Dashboard

Funding Request - Exam Module and GAEL Integration

It has been a popular request for some time now that an integration between Oncord and GAEL be developed to improve the management and running of Exams. The new features would include both a new Exam Module within the Oncord admin dashboard and an integration with GAEL to sync information between the two platforms.

The Oncord team are keen to develop these new features within our platform, however it is a massive development, and we need your help to make it happen!

If you are interested in pitching in towards the funding of this development, please get in touch with us via the form below and let us know.

Submit your interest in helping fund the project

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AF USA Convention 2023

Oncord are excited to be sponsoring and attending the 2023 AF USA Convention in Atlanta. We look forward to catching up with those already using our platform and meeting new faces!

What's Next

New System Page: Using the Student Portal (from students' perspective)
New Student Portal Updates
Library Automation Improvements
Additions to Help Videos and Articles

We are always happy to discuss new features and developments with the community, so please do reach out to us about these and we'll see what we can do!

Don't forget to check our Oncord updates page for new features and developments for the core Oncord features.


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