Taking Placement Tests as Someone Else

This article runs through how a contact logged into your website can take a placement test as another person that they have a relationship with, such as, a child using their parents login to take the placement test.

Taking placement tests on behalf of someone else is a scenario that may arise in situations where a user is unable to access their account due to password complications, such as children who have accounts with no passwords.

In such cases, a grandparent, parent or guardian who has a login for the website, can assist in taking the placement tests.

This means that in their contact records, a relationship of type such as Grandparent, Parent, Guardian or Child Of is set between the contact who is logged in to the website and the contact who will be taking the placement test.

At the bottom of each placement test page there is a text link. 
This link opens a modal to select which contact is taking the test.

Note: The contact options displayed here will only display other contacts in the system that they have a relationship set with, such as a Parent and their Children. If they do not have any relationships set, no other options other than themselves will be available to select from.

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