Adding Worked Hour Types

As an administrator, you can tailor the types of worked hours that can be recorded in the system within the teacher's configuration page. There are two categories of worked hour types available for customization: admin and course. This article explains each type of worked hours you can create and how to create them.

Admin Hour Types

These options are included in the 'type' field when inputting worked hours for teachers. They are also visible in both the summary of hours and hour reports for teachers.

An admin hour type cannot be removed if there are records associated with it. Linked hour records indicate the number of entries created using the admin hour type.

Course Hour Types

Course worked hour types automatically compute teachers' hours based on the provided filter. These calculated hours are then showcased in the summary of worked hours, offering a detailed breakdown for enhanced analysis and reporting.

Teacher's Portal

In the Teacher's Portal, the teacher will be able to see these worked hour types in their worked hours summary as well.

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