AF Updates and New Features

It's been a busy few months for us here at Oncord. We have released some new features for the AF Student Portal along with a bunch of other cool updates and fixes along the way, and to top it off we have a brand help articles area on the AF Oncord website! Check out more details on these updates below.

In this update:

AF Student Portal

There have been a number of new features and improves implemented for the Student Portal.

New Pages

3 new pages have been added. Dashboard with widgets, Library and Settings.

Private Courses

Private Courses now have their own course feed.

Adding Logo

You can add your own logo that will display in the header area of the AF Student Portal.


View as Student

You can now view a course as a student.


Student Email Notifications

The Student Portal can send email notifications to students of a course on and after the start date of the course when specific events/activities happen on a course.



Students are now able to select from the 3 themes available to change the feel of their student portal view.

Assignment Attachments

Added the ability to update assignment attachments.

Videos on Course Posts

Improved how videos are displayed on a course post.

New Certificate Template Designs

- Fields have been re-arranged when editing a certificate template, adding heading, content and footer sections for easy management.
- Added 2 new styles kids 2 and adults 2.
- Added the ability to edit title heading and subheading.
- Added the ability to define a default email when sending the certificate.

Go to Courses > Configuration > Certificate Templates to check them out.


New Website with AF Help Articles 

We have launched a new website for AF Oncord with a Help Articles Centre. These help articles provide information and how to's on each of the AF Modules.

Whether you're new to Oncord or need a point of reference on a particular module, we are confident that this new area of the website will come in quite handy.

We will progressively add new articles to this area of the website to continually improve the resources and information available on using the AF modules for the AF community.

Explore Help Articles Explore Help Articles

Course Selector Updates

A number of improvements have been implemented for the course selector.

Filter Sorting

Filter buttons can now be sorted (Drag and Drop).

New Filters

New filter buttons for 'Time of Day' and 'Age Group'.

Filter Display Settings

You can now toggle a filter on/off from displaying in the course selector.

Parent Level Selection in Filter

Parent levels that have sub levels are now selectable in the course selector filter.

This allows users to filter the course selector to show all courses that sit under that parent level.

Hidden in Course Selector

New "Hidden in course selector" checkbox on course edit page.

This hides the course from being displayed in the course selector on the website. However the course is still "online" and purchasable if customers are sent the direct link or for processing manual sales.

Membership Optional Setting

New membership optional setting on courses 'Show membership options, but not required'.

This gives users the option to add a membership to their order without it being required to complete the purchase.

Registration Fee Label

You can now configure the label for registration fees.

This setting can be found in Courses > Course Configuration > Course Selector.

Various Fixes

Location in link builder, discounts previously not showing, reduced font size of top level tabs on mobile.


Added "restore" feature when the product associated with a course has been deleted.


Linked individuals such as actors or directors are now displayed on the public library catalogue.


Added option to automatically set teacher user type when creating an Apolearn user from an Oncord contact.

Other Notable Updates

There are a number of other notable updates we have introduced over the past few months.

- Re-organised the course configuration page layout into categories.

- Archived courses no longer display in the Teachers Portal.
- Option for discounts to be applicable when buying products for someone else.
- Private Courses > Transportation Fees now has an option to link to a product.
- Improving the UI for students to add additional contacts when ordering a private course (for multiple student packages or when ordering for someone else).
- Occupancy percentage in enrollment stats and course table stats.
- Refactored the Membership and Registration Fee product pages to make it easier to add or edit these products.

Welcoming AF Oxford and Cambridge!

Lastly, but most importantly, we are excited to welcome both AF Oxford and AF Cambridge to the community! It's wonderful to have them onboard with us and we can't wait to see how they grow.


What's on the way next?

Here's a quick overview of what our development team are working on next:

- New Automation Trigger for "When a course is about to end".
- Teacher email notifications for student portal activity.

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