Private Class Rescheduling

Sometimes a student may need to reschedule a Private Class due to unexpected events, such as being sick. In such circumstances a student (if the setting is enabled) can reschedule a private class.

Note: It is important to ensure that the teacher is available for the new class day and time. To facilitate this, Teacher Availability and the Rescheduling options should both be enabled.
You can access these settings by going to Courses > Configuration > Private Courses Configuration > Teacher Availability. For more info on teacher availabilities, visit this page -

Class Rescheduling by Students

After enabling Teacher Availability and Rescheduling, students will have the ability to reschedule a private class.

The selection of dates, days and times are based upon the teachers availability. Time slots to select from will in 15 minutes intervals. The end time of the class will be set automatically based on the classes duration. The duration of the class cannot be changed and will always be the same duration of the class that is being rescheduled.

By default, rescheduling a class that has passed is not enabled. This can be enabled as an additional feature in the Teacher Availability settings page.
Note: Only passed classes where the student is marked as absent can be rescheduled.

Email Notifications

Both the class teacher and student will be notified via email of the rescheduled class.
The content of the email will show the student, a link to their private course and the updated date and time as per the below sample email:

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