Change Contact for an Enrolment

Here are the steps to remove a contact from an enrolment and set the enrolment to different contact.

This is generally used if you need to change an enrolment from a parent to a child (that was not done correctly during initial checkout/purchase of the course).

Step 1:  
On Class List, click the three dots and select 'Correct Sale'.
In the "Remove the Following Items" section set quantity to 1 (as shown in the video below).
This will remove the original contact from the course and give them a Credit for the same amount as the course they enrolled in.

Step 2:
On the Class List, click 'Add Student' then 'Sell Course to Student'.
You will be redirected to the sales page with the course auto-populated in the products section.

Step 3:
On the sales page, enter the original contacts details on the Contact Section.
In the Products Section select the new contact under the 'Buy For' option.

Step 4:
In the available credit section. Tick the "Use available credit" box.
This will use the available credit from the original contacts account for the enrolment.

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