Course Feed

The course feed is a constantly updating list of posts which can be in a form of status updates, photos, videos, assignments or documents. These posts can be interacted with likes and comments. The course feed will only be shown to students if it is within the number of days defined in the configuration

Course Feed Access

Admins can view the course feed by clicking the Course Feed link in the details tab of the course.

Teachers of the course can view the course feed in the course feed tab which is the first tab when viewing a course.

Students can view the course feed when viewing the course.

Post Types

There are multiple post types and these are Regular Post (may contain photos, videos and files), Assignment and Document. Each post type has its own template which is the look of the post once it is displayed in the course feed.

Writing a Post

When writing a post, content is required and you may upload photos, videos or files. You may format the content such as making it bold, italic, adding links and several other options available in the rich text editor. Pasting a link will show up a preview of the site.

Post Actions

The author of the post can edit and delete their own post while admins and the teachers of the course can pin, unpin or delete any posts. Anyone who is part of the course will be able to interact with any posts in the course such as liking or commenting the post.

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