Setup Member Discounts

Membership pricing is handled using 'Discounts'.

Discounts can be created for any product. You can specify which products, courses or categories are
included in the discount and then specify either a percentage or fixed value discount.

These discounts can be restricted to contacts who meet specific criteria such as 'Has a Valid Membership' or 'Enrolled in a Course in Last Session'.

To setup a member discounts, follow the following steps:

head to the 'Discounts' tab under Commerce.

Click add new discount.

Select the products the discount is available for e.g. If you would like to offer discounted prices on events, the easiest way to do this is by applying the discount to the 'Events' product category.

Set the value of the discount. It can be either a percentage or a fixed value.

You can also select if they can use this discount in combination with other discount by changing the 'Validity with Other Discounts' setting.

Next, click on the 'restrictions' tab.
Here you will define the conditions that restrict which contacts can use this discount.
In the 'Contact Filter' section. Click on + Condition.
Select the "Membership - Has a Valid Membership' option from the dropdown.

There are additional settings available including, usage limit, minimum purchase total and date range if required.

Once you have applied the desired settings, click Save Discount.

On the main Discounts tab you will be able to view the new members discount and its usage stats.

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