Scheduling Private Classes

Once a student has selected their private packages and paid for it, as an administrator you will need to schedule the classes to run and assign a teacher.

When packages of hours are purchased online, the student can specify their preferred days and times for the private classes to run. At this stage, they are just a 'preference' for when the student would prefer to have their classes.

Students that have purchased private tuition and have hours that are 'unallocated' (not scheduled) appear in 'Private Courses' as a list in the 'Needs Scheduling' tab. An administrator can then schedule a set of units for when the private classes will run, allocate the teacher and location.

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Viewing Private Courses that Need Scheduling.
Scheduling Units of Classes for a Private Course.
How the Hours Status changes.

To get started go to 'Private Courses' in the sidebar and click on the 'Need Scheduling' tab.

After clicking on 'Need Scheduling', click on any private course you wish to schedule. You will see a screen similar to the one below:

The information on the above screenshot means a student 'John Doe' bought 24 hours of private classes (Invoice 1083) and then additionally bought 1 hour of private classes (Invoice 1084).
The student has also set his preferences for the location, the schedule, the starting date and the expectations.
You will see at the far right the mention '25 hours unallocated' which means the 25 hours the student bought haven't been scheduled yet.

Under the Units tab click on 'New Schedule of Units', this will allow you to allocate hours to units.

In our example, we are scheduling classes for John Doe from Monday to Saturday starting from June 1st 2021 until June 29th.
Each unit will last 1 hour from 5 am to 6 am.
The teacher assigned is 'Test Othmane' and
The class will run in Room B within the Alliance.

Great Job! You have now scheduled a private tuition package. That private course will no longer be visible in the 'Needs Scheduling' tab.

Within that private course on the right, an hours status is displayed to easily identify the status of the private course. See '0 Hours Unallocated' in the below screenshot.

This text will change depending on the hours status for that private course.

For example: You made a schedule that is only of 24 hours instead of 25 hours, then Oncord will display '1 unallocated hour'.

And vice-versa, if you create a schedule composed of 26 hours instead of 25, Oncord will display an 'over allocated' message.

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