Invoices Page And Certificate Printing Access

In the options section under  Courses >  Configuration  > Collective Courses > Student Portal,  you'll see two configuration.

Student Invoices Page Access

This is an option that gives students access to their purchase history in a dedicated invoices page inside the Student Portal. When turned on, an invoices navigation link will be made available on the sidebar otherwise it'll not display.

Student Certificate Printing Access

This option allows students to print their certificate for a specific course . When turned on, a Certificate column with the print button is added in  the courses table.

The print function will be made available when:

  • Course has ended
  • Course start date is later than the date provided in the certificate printing access date option
  • Student passed the course
  • Any level and the age group of the certificate template matches any level and the age group of the course

The certificate templates are manage at Courses >  Configuration > Certificate Templates.

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