Add a New Teacher

The Teachers Portal, provides an environment where your teachers can have full autonomy on updating and managing their availabilities, classes and timetables. Teachers may also create, delete or update a courses units or schedule depending on the permissions you give them.

In order for a teacher to have access to the Teachers Portal you will need to add them into the system as a teacher contact. This article runs through how to add a new teacher.

How to Add a New Teacher

To add a new teacher and give them access to the Teachers Portal. Go to the Dashboard > Contacts.

If they are not yet a contact in the database. Create a new contact and add their details. A minimum of a name and email address is required. 

If they already have a contact record in the database. Find and click on their contact record.

Within their contact record. Click on 'Edit Groups' in the groups box.

Select the 'Teachers' group and Save.

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