Assignments And Submissions

Creating an Assignment

Admins and teachers of the course can create an assignment for the course and is accessible at the assignments tab of the course, the assignments tab will only appear if it satisfies the condition provided in the configuration.

Assignments can have a title, content, deadline and attachments and is automatically posted in the course feed once created.

When a deadline is specified, the assignment will be pinned (bookmark icon) on top the course feed.

Students can submit their work through the post associated to the assignment or in the assignments page of the course in the Student Portal.

Checking Student Assignment Submissions

Admins and teachers of the course will be able to see the number of submissions for an assignment under the submissions column.

Clicking the number will open up the list of course students and the submitted at column indicates that the student has submitted an assignment.

Clicking the link on that column will open the assignment submitted by the student and the admin or the teacher of the course can provide a comment, grade and upload attachments.

Students can see the results in the assignments page of the course in the Student Portal.

Deleting Assignment

Admins can delete any assignments while teachers can only delete the one's they've created. Once an assignment is deleted, the associated post in the course feed, assignment submissions and attachments for the assignment and submissions are deleted as well.

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