Using The Teachers Portal

As a teacher you will have access to the Teachers Portal. Within the portal you can update and manage your availabilities, classes and timetables. You may also create, delete or update a course unit or schedule depending on the permissions set by your AF's admin team. This article runs through how to use the portal and what you can do as a teacher within the Teachers Portal.

To access the Teachers Portal go to

Once logged in, as a teacher you are able to:

Manage class schedules.
Manage course units.
Update students attendances (present/absent).
Write enrolment notes.
Send students emails.
Post assignments to the course feed.
View students assignment submissions.
Set your availability for collective and private courses.
Manage your own attendance.
Edit your personal information.

Note: Some features may be unavailable depending on the permissions set by your AF's admin team.

Create, Modify and Delete a Class Schedule

To create a schedule or a set of units click on "New Schedule Of Units". This will allow you to specify where and when your units will run.

In the example below, we are creating a schedule of units that will run every Wednesday and Thursday, from the 1st of June to the 22nd of June from 5 am to 8 am.
The assigned teacher is "Teacher Test2".
The units will run internally at the alliance in room C

This automatically creates 7 units of 1 hours each. 

Create, Update or Delete a Single Unit

To create a new unit, select the course you want to add the unit for then click on "New Standalone Unit".

This is often used when a teacher has missed a class, or if a class was cancelled because of holidays.

You can also edit or delete an existing unit by click on the "three dots" then "Edit unit" or "Delete Unit"

Clicking on "Edit Unit" will allow you to change the date of the unit, its start/end time and the location of the unit. Teachers are also able to add comments such as the lesson taught or the homework to-do.

Update Students' Presences/Absences

Write Enrolment Notes 

Send Students E-mails

Updating Attendance Status (Present/Absent)

Update Availabilities for Classes

Update Teacher's Personal Information

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